Vegan Coaching

It can be difficult to transition to a vegan lifestyle or even just shift in the plant-based direction without having the right support and resources. Whether you’re interested in making these changes for the first time you’ve tried before but ended up just eating chickpeas straight from the can, Not Another Tofu Scramble can help set you up for lasting success.

We provide you with the guidance, recipes, skills and motivation to make sure you end up feeling energized rather than deprived. Whether you’re making these changes for ethical, wellness, environmental and/or sociological reasons, we come to you with a holistic, non-judgmental approach geared toward the long-term sustainability of your choices. The goal is to get you to the point where you  no longer need the help and feel solid on your own, but we’re here if you have questions or need adjustments down the line. When done right, going vegan can exponentially improve your quality of life in all arenas and help you live in line with your values.

We recognize that different bodies and lives have different needs, so we help you tailor your food choices and daily habits to what works specifically for you. We look at the full picture of your wellness and motivations to help you reach your potential for positive change. Whether you have a busy work life, a family, a commitment to athletics or fitness or additional dietary needs, we can help you navigate the specific equation of what’s best for you.

Through email, phone check-ins, Skype sessions, or a mix of the above, we provide support in whichever format you find most useful and convenient.



Chef Katya Weiss-Andersson has been supporting people through their lifestyle transitions for many years. Having spent the last 7 years as a vegan and 9 years as a vegetarian (with the last 3 of those years being gluten-free as well), Katya has mentored and taught classes through the Peace Action Network’s Vegan Challenge as well as one-on-one. As a marathon runner representing the Colfax Marathon, an avid yogini and a very amateur football and beer kickball player, she knows the ins and outs of living a plant-based lifestyle that fuels you as an athlete. For busy families, she’s helped to raise kids on healthy, whole plant foods from birth. Formerly a youth sports coach and a teacher of children and adults, she communicates information with clarity, motivation and respect for your learning style. She is supportive, knowledgeable and judgment-free, and loves spreading the lessons she’s learned through her career as a plant-based chef and life as a vegan athlete.

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