• What if I’m a carnivore? What if I like unhealthy foods?

The recipes and information here are for everyone. Not Another Tofu Scramble is here to answer questions and provide resources to help people cook in ways that are healthy, ethical and satisfying- not to preach, judge or shame folks.

  • What if I’m a beginner in the kitchen?

There will be recipes for all levels of cooks as well as general cooking tips and techniques.

  • What if I’m on a budget?

Most of the recipes here will be very budget-friendly.

  • What if I’m an Athlete?

These recipes have fueled athletes through marathons, intensive strength training, etc. If you need plenty of protein, plenty of healthy carbs or overall a healthy nutrient balance that will support high fitness performance, there will be lots here for you.

  • What if I’m gluten-free? Or don’t eat processed sugar?

Just about everything here will be a-ok for you.

  • What if I’m trying to eat low-carb? Or low-fat?

To be transparent, Not Another Tofu Scramble is pro-healthy-carbs and pro-healthy-fats. But some of the recipes here will happen to be low-carb and/or low-fat, and will be labeled as such.

  • What if I have a family or a busy life?

Check out the recipes with “Kid-friendly”, “family-friendly” and “quick&simple” tags

  • Can I repost the recipes, pictures of other content?

Only if you give explicit credit and a link to the original post, please and thank you (: