About the Site

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There’s no question I’ve gotten more often throughout my career as chef than “What do you mean this is vegan?! Are you sure?”

When people hear that I’m a vegan chef, they generally assume that I cook with a lot of tofu, oily Daiya cheeze, expensive fake meats, etc. And while there’s nothing wrong with being a person who likes eating these things, most people don’t (and to tell you the truth, I don’t either.) I got tired of seeing vegan restaurant menus full of the same soy curl and seitan dishes, and I noticed throughout years of cooking for vegans and herbivores alike that the most well-loved dishes are the ones made from unprocessed, well-seasoned plant ingredients. Not only are these dishes a whole lot more satisfying, but they’re also infinitely healthier and usually much cheaper to make. But learning how to take those simple plant ingredients and build big, dynamic flavors and textures with them is an intimidating process, so I’ve dedicated my career to testing, developing and researching the best possible methods so that you don’t have to.

Not Another Tofu Scramble is here because whether you’re trying to eat healthily or ethically or both, life isn’t the same if the food you’re eating feels like deprivation rather than joy and satisfaction. Really enjoying food is an integral part of the human experience, so it’s just about impossible to sustain any lifestyle that deprives you of that deep, primal joy. Believe it or not, plant-based food doesn’t have to make you do that. Even if your body can’t deal with gluten or refined sugar either.

Here you’ll find recipes, tips and tricks for all levels of cooking experience, and information on commonly-requested topics. Some of the techniques here will be ones I’ve developed, and many will be ones I’ve learned from global culinary traditions that have been creating incredible flavors with plant ingredients for centuries. Everything here has been tested in professional kitchens and proven successful among vegans and omnivores alike. Welcome and enjoy!